News: We’re getting serious. This is now a thing.

Some quick updates, starting with the main one…

Main thing… This is now a ‘thing’!

While this started as a small co-working community in Melbourne half-year ago, we’re now in multiple venues with nearly 1,000 members signed up to join or to wait for it to happen in their cities. 

So, we’re forming a team of me (Melvin) and…

Nicholas Gerard - Superstar (or shall we say, 'Type-A') Organizer

Nicholas kick-started this in Singapore in September, and has been organizing it almost religiously.  He now joins me in (our two-man core team), supporting the growth of Type-A Breakfast in multiple cities and venues all over the world.

You can find him here, and every Monday morning, 7:30 am, at Millenia Walk in Singapore

Same Mission… Forever.

We want to make the world a more productive place.  So that we can all spend less time “at work” and more time for the (other) fun things in life.  

New Website + More Organized Online

We’ve launched this brand-new website + organized our blog + Facebook Page + Events Listing + a bunch of other things.

Easy to Sign Up

We’ve made it easy to sign up (Organize & Participate) and stay in touch (Facebook).

NEW CITIES: Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur - in addition to Melbourne & Singapore

In Hong Kong

Nicolette Tan has started a regular Monday Type-A Breakfast at Holly Brown Cafe in Hong Kong Central.

In Bangkok, Thailand

One of our regular members in Singapore - Jun - is going to start Type-A Breakfast Bangkok.... Stay tuned.

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There has been two pilot sessions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and are waiting to see if there’s sufficient, sustained interest to make this a regular (weekly) event.

Melbourne Mov’in

We’ve moved into the CBD.  Chris Waterguy is Organizer of Type-A Breakfast, Melbourne

Also moving all “online activity” from our Meet-up Group - onto Facebook Page and Event List.  

All the bios of our new organizers will soon be updated on our website.

Have an awesome day!