A Letter to all New Type-A Breakfast Organizers

(and those thinking of being one)...


I'm writing an open letter - so that we all save time in getting this organized... 

The Purpose: Hyper-productivity = A Much Better Life! 

Yes, the intention of every session — is to have everyone “complete a whole day (8 hours) worth of work in 2 hours”. 

But what energizes me — is the possibility that everyone who participates can live a much better life. 

What do I mean? 

When I do this daily in Melbourne — I essentially end my formal “work day” at around 10 am… 

That means from late morning until the end of day, it’s all time for family and leisure!  I also have wines early in the day, guilt-free long-lunches and multiple coffees — because I complete a productivity day’s worth of work before 10 am! 

Perhaps — if more people worked this way, we will all have more time for friends and leisure. :)

Benefiting from this alone is good. But having other people experience the same thing is even more awesome. :) 

Additional Benefit: When I ‘Preach’ It, It’s Easier to Practice. 

You may have realized by now — that as an organizer, it’s so much easier to maintain the discipline of early, focused, hyper-productive work.  If anyone has an obligation to get up at 5 or 6 am in the morning (especially on a Monday), it’s you!

That’s the side-benefit :) 

So again — thank you for joining me as an organizer…. I hope you benefit tremendously in doing this. :)

Mantra: Simple, Small & Intentional

While there’s always a tendency to try to make things “bigger and better”, we want to keep the focus on “simple, small and intentional”. 

Simple — keep to the same format; and don’t add activities (networking, discussions etc.).  Also stick to the same timings: 7:30 - 9:30 am (and not later)... Because the people who are hard-core enough to show up at 7:30 am for work — are they type of people you want around the table.  And 'like' attracts 'like'.

Small — focus on small groups — so that there are enough people to create that environment of social pressure; but not too many so that it becomes hard to fit everyone comfortably at the cafe / shared workspace. 

When the regular group gets bigger, consider having one of the regulars organize another Type-A Breakfast at another venue.

Intentional — see ‘simple’… let’s always focus on being super-productivity ourselves; and enable others to do the same.

Organizer Guide

You will be made an admin on our Facebook Page - we share the same admin and editing privileges. 

Post your event at least a week in advance and share it with friends — so you create enough people who can help add to the peer pressure and the “energy” that we find in the environment.

Ensure that the cafe you select is open, and there is sufficient space (or prepare to find an alternative).

Try to stick to the same cafe every week, so that regular attendees won’t be confused; or have to look out for new info. It helps you same time and energy too. 

Check for power-sockets (for notebooks) and wifi availability — so you can at least let participants know if they should be prepared not to have power and wifi at the cafe.

You’ll also be added to the Type-A Breakfast Organizers Group (a secret group) on Facebook — where you can ask questions; where Nicholas and I will provide support; and where you can leave feedback to make this a hyper-productive experience.

Send me your bio and photo — so I can create a similar page for you; and list the city that you’re organizing this in. 

As more organizers join us, and as we add more cities, we'll update the website. 

On the day — a simple script

(no, you don't actually have to read anything aloud :)

  1. At 7:25/7:30 am — announce the start and end times + say that you’ll announce every 30 mins in a “compressed” manner. (i.e. at 8 am, say it’s quarter day done; at 8:30 am, say it’s half-day, at 9 am, say we’re left with 2 hours in the day; at 9:30 am, say we’re done for the day) 
  2. Tell people (especially newcomers) where the power-points are; and what the wifi password is.
  3. Also — tell them that they were supposed to have brought a list of their “8 hours worth of high-value work”. 
  4. Remind participants to place breakfast orders, and pay individually. 
  5. Ensure no talking throughout. 
  6. Announce the 30 min marks and encourage stretching 
  7. At 9.20, announce the end of day is approaching in 10 mins and encourage people to speed up and complete what needs to get done. 
  8. At 9.30, announce the end. And give 5 mins to wrap up. 
  9. Motion for conversations to move away from the main table, so that people can continue working if they want another sprint. 
  10. Ask for feedback in small groups and record learnings and experiences for the organizing team and to share on FB. 
  11. At 9.40 Encourage people to leave at 9.55 so we don't spend too much time networking. We make it efficient. Set up distinct meetings if we want to have in depth discussion. 
  12. If there is time after the session, have people share with one or two others what was on their list of 6 items that create leverage and strategic value. 

Building a Community

Create an event (using Facebook Events), and share on your wall (not on the Type-A Breakfast page) — so that your friends/contacts will know; and they can join.

Add a short commentary for example; and tag people whom you really want to have at those sessions.  (Even if you’re not going to be interacting much.)

Post the event in advance — so that people can learn about it ahead of time; and make time in their schedule.

Encourage first-time participants to read the website, and this post on “Why it works”.  Total reading time for the website and article: 13 minutes (yes, I calculated).

When you're sharing stories / photos of sessions after - also post on your wall for the above reason and tag Type-A Breakfast so that friends/participants can get to the page and learn more about the session you're organizing.

Finally - the morning work has to be worth it for you to do it alone. As an organizer, the motivation should not be to have lots of people attend; the motivation should be simply to create an environment for yourself (and if people are there, then for others) to have a super-productive morning. 

The ingredients are 1) the 7:30 am start-time; 2) distinct work-time blocked out; 3) a target to complete 8 hours of work in 2; and 4) social pressure (this is important, but not a deal-breaker for me).

I've had several sessions in Melbourne - where it was just me, working those 2 hours. No time is wasted in organizing - because I read/email on the way to and from the venue anyway. And so - if/when people join, it's added social pressure.... it's a plus.

A session is not a failure if no one else (except the organizer) attends. Only if no work is done at at least twice the speed; and if no valuable work is done. :)

Email Subscriptions

Where possible, point interested participants - to this Subscription Page.

When have new cities and organizers, we’ll update on Facebook, on the ‘News’ section of this website; and via email to subscribers.

If you’re using sites like Meetup.com or Peatix.com to organize your event, please create a duplicate list on Facebook Events - so that it can serve as our global directory of events (for now). 

That’s pretty much you need to know, to get started as a Type-A Breakfast Organizer.  Let’s connect on Facebook; and check in on this page once in a while, in case there are updates.

Your Supporters - That’s Nicholas and I

Nicholas Gerard and I organize local Type-A Breakfast sessions, but we take on the additional work of supporting all organizers — by editing this website, consolidating learnings, coordinating the set-up of new Type-A Breakfast communities in new cities with new organizers etc.  

Wanna join our ‘core team’?  Let me know!


We have Type-A Breakfast Stickers for your notebooks and phone-cases.  I’ll send a bunch to organizers - so you can give some out to participants who want them. 

You will have ‘Organizer’ stickers, and we may print ‘Organizer’ T-shirts (useful for new comers to identify you at each session). 

You don’t have to pay for any of the swag… I’m personally funding this for the pleasure of seeing this work for people.


Date Written: Monday, November 7, 2016
Next Update: Possibly in December 2016 (I expect minor edits for grammar - but there may be significant changes!)